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  • 08. Can I submit an old artwork?
    No. The Angelico Art Award is a thematic platform for artists to experience and express their faith through art as a medium. It focuses on the process of reflecting on the theme and creating art that expresses your vision of the theme. Therefore, participating in this Award means painting based on the current theme.
  • 04. What kinds of medium are allowed?
    You can use acrylic, oil, water colour, inks and/or mixed media.
  • 02. When can I submit my entry?
    You can submit your entry any time from 1 January 2024 to 2359hrs on 15 July 2024 11:59:00 pm Singapore Time on 15 July 2024.
  • 10. Is the write-up compulsory?
    Yes. Artists are to submit a synopsis of their works of not more than 300 words in total, for each artwork, along with the digital copy of their artwork. This synopsis will be used as one of the criteria for judging the artwork.
  • 06. I am not a Christian. Can I still join?
    Yes! The Angelico Art Award is ecumenical and aims to be inter-religious and inter-denominational. As long as you focus and respond to the theme, even if you are not a Christian, you can participate. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response to this theme, only your personal response.
  • 13. Does my entry have to be framed?
    If you are a finalist or chosen for the exhibition, the Organiser will notify you within fourteen (14) working days before the award ceremony, by which time your artworks should be suitably presented and ready for hanging. Canvasses that have been stretched and mounted need not be framed but artists can choose to have them framed if they prefer. Artworks on paper (e.g. water-colour or mixed media) should be framed. Note that the weight of the entire piece should be within 6kg.
  • 01. How can I enter the Angelico Art Award competition?
    Click here to go to the Online Entry Form. Submission opens on 1 January 2024 and closes at 11:59:00 pm Singapore Time on 15 July 2024. You will need to upload the digital image of your artwork/s. Entries are limited to 2 works per person. Entries received after the closing date and time will NOT be accepted. This includes changes to entries that were submitted earlier.
  • 09. What happens if my artwork is selected for the exhibition?
    By participating in this Award, you are giving your consent to sell your artwork if it is selected for the exhibition and auction. Upon the successful sale of your artwork, you will receive 50 per cent of the reserve price stated in the Online Entry Form. The difference between the amount due to you and the final sale price at the exhibition or auction is the donation to Catholic Foundation.
  • 05. How many entries am I allowed to submit?
    Entries are limited to 2 artworks per person.
  • 07. I am not a Singaporean. Can I still participate?
    Yes! You can participate as long as you are based in Singapore (Permanent Resident, Student Visa or Work Permit) and remain in Singapore till 30 September 2024, which is when the Exhibition is expected to end. Any change in the Exhibition date will be communicated to the participants.
  • 14. How do I find out about the results?
    The Organiser will notify the selected artists by email thirty (30) days after the closing date.
  • 15. Will my entries be returned?
    The top prizes of both categories (Open and Youth) are acquisitive, they will be retained by the Organiser. Paintings that win the High Commendation prizes and/or were selected for the exhibition will be returned to the artist if not sold. Please note that if the artwork/s are not collected within five (5) days from the close of the Exhibition, the artwork/s may be donated to a charity chosen by the Organiser or propose for auction at events in support of Catholic Foundation.
  • 11. What are the specifications for the artwork to be submitted, for example, size, medium and format?
    Artworks should not exceed the dimensions of 100cm x 100cm and 6kg in weight (including the frame, if any). Multiple panel pieces are accepted where they constitute a single entry and do not exceed the specified dimensions in totality. Artworks should be in the form of paintings only (medium: acrylic, oil, water colour, charcoal, ink or mixed media). Digital media will not be accepted. Artworks must be created specifically for the Angelico Art Award 2024 (i.e. created from December 2023), not have been previously exhibited, and executed during the months leading up to the exhibition. Artworks must be the original work of the artist and not infringe intellectual property rights Artworks must be presented in a professional manner. Artworks that are shortlisted must be exhibition-ready.
  • 03. Is there a registration fee?
    No. Registration is free!
  • 12. What are the specifications for the images of the artwork to be uploaded?
    Not more than 2 images of the one work should be uploaded for consideration – at least one image must be of the entire work (the other may be a close-up). Images should be at least 300dpi, no greater than 5MB each, and in JPG, PNG or TIFF format only.
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