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By participating in the Angelico Art Award 2024 (the “Award”) and submitting an Entry Form to the Catholic Foundation (the “Organiser”), you (the “artist”) agree to the following terms and conditions in relation to his or her painting:


Once artists have submitted images of their paintings through the online form, an independent selection panel convened by the Organiser will shortlist the entries (“shortlisted paintings”).

The Organiser will contact the artists of the shortlisted paintings to send the actual paintings to a location and within the time frame specified.

The judges will review the actual paintings and decide on the overall winners in each category (“winning paintings”) and if any other paintings should be awarded the High Commendation Award.

The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence on the subject shall be entertained.

The Organiser reserves the right to amend the rules of the Competition at any time without prior notice.


If your painting is shortlisted during the competition, you shall deliver the actual painting to the organiser within the time frame and at the location specified by the organiser.

Should your shortlisted painting be selected as the winning painting in a category, the Organiser will acquire it upon payment of the prize money to you.

Shortlisted paintings will be featured at the Angelico Art Award Exhibition 2024 as finalist paintings and made available for auction, excluding the two winning artworks in both categories. These paintings will stay with the Organiser until such time as specified by the Organiser after the end of the Exhibition.

Any finalist painting that is not sold will be returned to you. You will be notified to make arrangements to collect your painting.

You retain ownership of your painting until it is returned to you or sold and delivered to the buyer.

Whilst the Organiser will exercise due care in the handling and protection of paintings, you shall be responsible for obtaining the insurance to cover any loss or damage to your painting during the competition and exhibition. The Organiser shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever or however caused to any painting submitted.


If your painting is not shortlisted as a finalist, it will be returned to you. You will be notified to make arrangements to collect your painting.


Any paintings not collected by the stipulated time, including finalist paintings that are unsold, will be donated to a charity chosen by the Organiser, or the Organiser may propose these painting(s) for auction at other events in support of Catholic Foundation.


You retain the moral right and copyright over your painting, including after it is acquired or sold.

You will be responsible for obtaining and satisfying copyright requirements in relation to your painting.

You agree to grant the Organiser a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive right and licence to use, exhibit and reproduce the image of your painting in any medium or format, including digital, for any purpose connected to the Award or the Organiser’s activities.

This includes allowing the image of your painting to be reproduced by the media. 


The Award is acquisitive for winning paintings.

The winning painting in each of the two categories will receive the stipulated prize money, and the winning paintings are acquired by the Catholic Foundation. You will not receive any share of the sale proceeds of the winning paintings.

Some finalist paintings may receive cash awards for recognitions such as “High Commendation”. These are not acquisitive and will be put up for auction.

Prizes not claimed will be forfeited at the sole and absolute discretion of the Organiser.


The Organiser reserves its right and absolute discretion to:

  1. Cancel or modify the Award at any time;

  2. Disqualify any entry that:

    • does not comply with the Award’s theme or criteria;

    • is incomplete, illegible, or submitted late; and/or

    • otherwise deemed ineligible by the organiser;

  3. Substitute, withdraw or cancel any prize without prior notice, without having to disclose any reason, and without making any payment or compensation whatsoever.

  4. Not award any prize, or award one or more but not all of the prizes.


Your Personal Data held by the organiser shall be kept confidential. Each artist consents that the organiser may:

  1. Collect your Personal Data in the manner set out herein. “Personal Data” includes the following information collected, directly or indirectly, from you: name; address; telephone number(s); email addresses; date of birth; gender; nationality; and any other information disclosed in the Entry Form;

  2. Use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

    • To verify your identity;

    • To communicate with you in connection with the Award or the Organiser;

    • To publicise and/or market the Award;

    • To process and respond to enquiries;

    • In connection with the sale of your painting;

    • To inform you of future editions of the Award; and

    • To compile data and conduct statistical or demographic analysis; and

  3. Share your Personal Data with the organiser’s affiliates in Singapore for the purposes set out above. When doing so, the Organiser shall require them to ensure that your Personal Data disclosed to them is kept confidential and that they comply with all applicable laws.

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